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I had meetings at work today that lasted way past quitting time, the Capitals were on the brink of elimination with game 6 about to start, and I was too tired to cook anything for dinner.  I think this is exactly why they invented something like pizza (especially pizza that magically appears at your door after you call them).  I think subconsciously I've been craving pizza since I've been reading all about Eater's Pizza Week.  One of the places they mentioned in DC was Pete's and conveniently enough they deliver so when I start tearing out my hair in frustration about the Caps, I could be eating in the privacy of my own apartment.

Pete's is described as New Haven style pizza and I lived in Connecticut for about a year and had a chance to sample Sally's once.  As far as I can tell, New Haven style is a bit of a cross between your typical American slice and neopolitan pizza.  It's not as thin as the pizza you find at 2Amys but nearly as thick as a normal pizza you'd get in a million different pizza places across the country. For base toppings, only oregano, pecorino romano, and tomato sauce are givens.  So, I got on their website and proceeded to order, what else, a New Haven Pizza which is described as a white pizza with local Chesapeake clams (I know, what is it with me and clams on my pizza), garlic, olive oil, pecorino romano, and oregano.  I was told that the pizza would arrive in 30 minutes and while I am at the edge of their delivery area, I still live only just over a mile way and the pizza arrived in 50 minutes.  Unfortunately, this length of time only made the pizza warm and severely impacted the flavor of the pie.

The pizza dough was flavorful and the thickness of the crust was a bit too thick for my preference but it certainly lived up to being a pizza from the New Haven tree.  I did like the crispiness of the crust still though the edges were just a touch too tough.  The clams were sweet, fresh and had a bit of crunch on them which made me think for a second they were breaded.  I can't be sure they weren't but it doesn't make sense if they were.  The rest of the toppings worked well together (who am I to argue with over 90 years of pizza history) and I wish the delivery guy didn't pick me as his last destination on his route.  I go the 14-inch pie and it seemed to be enough for dinner with two slices left over for a cold pizza breakfast.

While Pete's didn't quite live up to 2Amys, it's almost unfair to compare them since Pete's was delivery and there was no down time when I ate at 2Amys.  I do think I'm curious enough to go and try out their pizzas at their restaurant.  After all, I only live just over a mile away.

P.S.  The Caps won tonight!  Game 7 on Saturday!  Go Caps!

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