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You're probably wondering why I'm writing about Starbucks since it's just Starbucks, after all.  I've already professed my affinity for Starbucks when I wrote about Boccato and heck I even have a gold level membership from them (not sure what that is but I did get a shiny gold card in the mail).  In recent years, Starbucks has made a push to offer more than just coffee, offering a wide array of pastries, prepared foods and they recently bought a juice bar chain.  Now, I've tried most of their offerings and they're better than your average fast food chian and when they first introduced old-fashioned doughnuts (from Top Pot in Seattle though that partnership may have ended), I was an absolute junkie.

Lately, I've been ordering their bagels and as bagels go, I'm pretty conservative.  Starbucks professes that they are New York style bagels which seems to mean that it's "slightly crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside" but there are those that would disagree.  Even after having lived in both Montreal and New York City, I can't say I have a preference to how a bagel is made and a lot of times when I order bagels, I'm only thinking about how hungry I am and hoping it tastes good.  The Starbucks bagel is a good size (I've never liked overly big bagels) and I always order a plain bagel toasted with cream cheese.  It's not a food orgasm by any means but always does the job.  The one thing that bugs me, and the primary reason I am writing this post, is that when you order it with cream cheese, they do not spread it for you.  Instead, they hand you a container of cream cheese and you have to spread it yourself.  When you're usually just passing through Starbucks, this is pretty inconvenient.  Also, in every bagel place I've ever been too, they always put on the cream cheese.  This needs to be fixed.  Immediately.


  1. It's really amazing how a simple coffee shop could become a huge hit worldwide. I mean, it's got coffee franchises just about everywhere these days - for very good reason too. I just can't get enough of their frappuccino.

  2. Yeah, spreading the cream cheese by yourself sounds “inconvenient,” but on the other side, maybe they are doing that for the customers to measure their level of desired sweetness. Anyway, what I love about Starbuck is they offer exclusive gift card as a holiday item, that’s why I always look up for their holiday freebies!

  3. Starbucks is my favorite coffee shop when talking about coffee; I swear they really make good coffee. In fact to work on with my tight budget, I am just buying coffee packs in their store and just make it myself in my house, since I already have my own coffee maker.

  4. When I jumped into my car today with my bagel in hand, I opened it up thinking I could munch while commuting to work. I was sooo disappointed to find two little philly packages and a knife. Eating a cold bagel at work 30 minutes later was not what I had in mind. I'm glad someone else is bothered by this! I just paid $8 for coffee and breakfast...spread my cream cheese!!

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