Woodberry Kitchen

2010 Clipper Park Rd
Ste 126
Baltimore, MD 21211
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This is less of a review and more of a friendly reminder to myself that I should've written a review about Woodberry Kitchen a very long time ago.  So, a little over a year ago I moved back to the MD-DC-VA area from New York City and for someone who loves food, I was slightly disappointed about the prospects of finding really good food all the time in this area (well, at least relative to NYC).  So, flash back a year or so and I was still in my, admittedly, NYC foodie snob phase but my birthday was coming up so my family and I went to Woodberry Kitchen which had gotten rave reviews from those [INSERT CITY NAME] Magazines which all just seem like one big advertisement and should be taken with a grain of salt.  So, my expectation was that the food would be okay but not spectacular.

Boy, was I wrong.

Its been a whole year since I've been there but I do plan to go back again for my birthday in a month.  My memory is not what it used to be so I can't recall what everyone had at the table.  I do know that it was damn good.  From the appetizers to the desserts, Woodberry Kitchen follows through on its promise to deliver great, seasonal, and local food.  The menu is constantly changing with what's available and while I cannot remember the specific dishes, I do remember that each and every dish had great depth of flavor and character.

The space is also pretty spectacular.  Its located in an old mill or plant that now houses upscale apartments, some arty stories and the restaurant which is spread out over two floors with a massive bar area.  The rustic decor exactly matches the food and the philosophy of the chefs.

So, this is me, reminding me to make sure I write about the food on my next visit, rather than writing about forgetting to write about the food.


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