Sushi of Gari

402 East 78th Streetn
New York, NY 10075
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This isn't so much a review but more of a homage to what has become one of my favorite restaurants in New York City.  I've been to Sushi of Gari several times now and it has never failed to impress.  There are a few locations in the City but I prefer the original (which is saying a lot since it is located way up on a sleepy block on the Upper East Side).  The space is very small and when you enter, you can't help butting into the hostess station but the intimacy of it all is very appealing.

Each and every time I've gone, no matter who I've gone with, we always go through the charade of reading through the menu but ultimately always end up getting the omakase (tasting menu).  It's hard to describe the myriad of sushi dishes that come out because there are simply too many to remember and each and every omakase has been different and highly creative.  When I went about two weeks ago, for example, the starting four pieces of sushi reflected the seasons of the year.  The one piece of sushi that will leave you dreaming for more is the foie gras sushi with a daikon on top.  It is a perfectly seared piece of foie gras over rice with a light oyster sauce and a slice of daikon on top.  While, its not traditional sushi, it is simply one of the best dishes I've ever had in any restaurant.


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