240 East 9th Street
New York, NY  10003
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When I was younger, I couldn't fathom why anyone would want to drink sake which I had thought was always served hot and should be sipped.  For some reason, it just never agreed with me.  But, if you chill that baby and don't filter it, it becomes one of my absolute favorites.  So, when I'm craving a great bottle of chilled, unfiltered sake, I try to make it to Decibel.

The first time I was ever brought to Decibel was early in my days in NYC and I still wasn't used to the difference between a dingy hole in the wall and a hidden gem.  To get to Decibel, you need to walk down some obscure stairs on a side street on the Lower East Side.  At first you walk into a small bar area which leads into a somewhat larger seating area.  The selection of sake is mind blowing and I have to admit that I have to ask the servers every time what they would recommend.  I prefer chilled unfiltered sake, since, to me it gives a bit more texture and taste than the filtered variety.  This particular time that I went, we tried the Udon Noodles which were a revelation.  The noodles were thick, tasty and soaked up the broth wonderfully.  The broth was silky and rich without being too much.

I have many fond memories of Decibel (let's not talk about setting fire to the table) and if you're ever looking for a little nook to enjoy some good drinking and company on the Lower East Side, you should try to stumble into this place.


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